The Importance of the letter “A”

Ever wonder what the “A” in STEAM education stands for?

No, it is not a typo.  While many have all heard of STEM education before, STEAM education incorporates an additional new, very important letter, and a very important one to say the least.  — Give me an “A”! What’s that stand for?! ART & DESIGN.
STEAM education is defined as:







PAPER PUNK is an arts and crafts toy that encapsulates STEAM education into its play interface. The various kits in the collection, including the Classic, Urban Fold, and Color + Build kits, provide endless imaginative and creative play for humans of all ages. With a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes transform into bold 3D geometric pieces to create spectacular looking paper toys and art forms. Aspects of dimensional thinking, rapid prototyping, engineering, art/design, and geometry are packed into our eye-catching kits.


Created by Stanford Design School professor--and mother—Grace Hawthorne, the activity kits are designed to be the antidote to our digitally dominated world.

Through Grace’s research and experience, she has discovered that YES creativity can be taught, and through creativity training you can actually rewire your brain. 

In a world overly bombarded by the use of technology, we here at Paper Punk believe it’s important to put down your devices and exercise your mind by making things with your hands! So, what are you waiting for? Go on, #MakeSomething

May 09, 2017 by Grace Hawthorne
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