Episode 4 of The Young and The Dressless is LIVE!

Hey PaperPunk fans! If you missed Episode 4, no worries at all, catch it below!

In Episode 4, the scene opens up outside the rock concert attended by both Alex, Brad and their friends.
Alex and Brad leave the concert a little early and plan to go for a quick bite in the city. As soon as the two are spotted, paparazzi go crazy with their cameras, snapping photos of the pair.

Caught by surprise, Alex is taken back by all the flashes and begins to feel very uncomfortable. Of course, Brad realizes this is bad and apologizes on the media’s behalf.

The two hop in Brad’s car, grab a quick bite, and he drops her off at home explaining he would call her later.

The next morning, all hell breaks loose in the Fit’s household. Brad’s parents are outraged by the tabloids which read the two are spotted kissing outside the rock concert, hand in hand and appearing very close.

Brad and his parent’s get into a heated argument, which leaves Brad very annoyed and in a compromising situation with Alex. He just wants his mother and father to be happy for him for once.

What will come of Alex and Brad’s newfound romance? Is it sabotaged for good?

Stay tuned for Episode 5 airing June 23rd to find out! #TheYoungAndTheDressless

An Ode to Origami

This blog is an ode to our paper activity ancestors, Origami.

Did you know Origami is actually one of the world’s oldest forms of both art and craft? Literally meaning, “folding paper”, the act of folding paper into basic shapes and figures dates back to the Edo period (1603 – 1867) in Japan.

Here are some reasons why we think Origami ROCKS:

It's accessible.

Paper. All you need is paper and your two hands, that’s it! Who doesn’t have a piece of paper within an arm’s reach?

It’s beautiful.

With a few simple folds, you can create a stunning origami masterpiece. Create folded geometric feats from a simple piece of paper.

Origami goes beyond a few folds. It’s a great activity for improving your thinking skills and problem solving. Often there are videos like these that teach you how to fold, step by step: Origami Crane (Folding Instructions).

If you’re like us, you’ll give anything a try and then do it your own way. However, frustrating the learning process may be at times, you are actually improving your problem-solving skills even when your bird ends up looking like a dog. 

If you’re looking for an accessible craft that helps build your design intuition, try origami.

If you’re looking to add a little more STEM to your activities, try adding a little Paper Punk in the mix. Paper Punk is the best of both worlds, LEGO + Origami. 


June 13, 2017 by Grace Hawthorne

Episode 3 of The Young and The Dressless is LIVE!

Hey Paper Punk fans!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Young and The Dressless soap opera episodes. If you didn’t already know, our soap opera was made using Paper Punk’s Urban Fold and Color + Build kits!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what Episode 3 is about. If you didn’t catch the episode yet, you can watch it live here:

Episode 3

In Episode 3, the scene opens up inside the rock concert with both Alex and her friend Emma dancing alongside Brad and his friend Fabio. Fabio thinks Alex is checking him out, and once the two girls head to the bar for a drink, Fabio and Brad follow in hopes that Fabio will strike up conversation with Alex.

Both Emma and Alex realize that in fact the two gentleman they’ve spotted are band members of The Rolling Bones, a famous rock band in North America.

Fabio gathers up the confidence to approach Alex, but is quickly shut down as it’s quite clear she has her eyes set on Brad.

Flattered, Brad approaches Alex and asks her to dance. There’s an obvious attraction between the two. In the end, the two decide to leave the concert (hand in hand) to grab a bite to eat in the big apple.

Well, that escalated quickly!

Stay tuned for a ton of drama happening in Episode 4, airing June 9th. To hold you off until then, here’s a sneak peak of what the new episode will entail.

Episode 4 is all about the tabloids blowing up about the spotting of famous rock star, Brad Fit and Alexandra Zang, outside a rock concert in NYC.

Famous rock star and a struggling fashion designer from the country spotted getting close? OF COURSE, there will be drama! Let’s see how this will unravel.


June 08, 2017 by Grace Hawthorne