The Best & Most Creative Paper Toy Creations We Found on the Web

Paper Toys have long been a fascination to the world. Think back to when origami was a big fad. It’s not hard to see how popular paper toys have become, just check the internet. We’ve looked around the web and picked a few of our favorites. 

Old-School Polaroid Camera

How amazing is this old-school camera made out of paper!? This paper toy was created by Anna Trundle of ALTA Papercraft, who combines digital and handcrafted techniques into dimensional illustration.

Paper Fruit

Good enough to eat, am I right?! These juicy fruits make the perfect additions to your play kitchen or grocery stand. They will also make colorful decorations for kid’s rooms.


Architectural Paper Models

This masterpiece was created by an artist named Ingrid Siliakus. Making paper objects, she says, is a meditative process of cutting and folding the paper into different variations. And the result is extraordinary, a testament to what can be done with just one sheet of paper.


Graphic Paper Figures

One of our all time favorite paper toy artists is Shin Tanaka. He has famously taken street art and graffiti aesthetics to paper as his canvas. The geometry and graphic patterns and colors are a huge inspiration to Paper Punk. From first folding origami at the age of four to this collaborations with the likes of culture giants like Nike, Shin has helped fuel the paper toy mania to new heights.

Paper Blocks & Paper Dolls

Of course we can’t forget our very own creations. Our Paper Punk Color + Build Kits! These kits enable users to customize their very own 3D paper creations through folding and coloring. They also elevate the coloring craze with added dimensions, 3D construction, story-telling, and dream making. #MakeSomething


The Importance of Play for Adults

When you think of the idea of “play”, what comes to mind? Video games? Kids? Sports?

What mostly comes to mind when I think of play is children. Much like the picture above, I imagine kids running around with abandon chasing a ball outdoors or finding 100 new ways to engage with the empty box in the recycling bin. Rarely, does anyone ever envision an adult. Gone are the days when our biggest problem/concern was how fast we could eat our lunch in order to have more time to play. Even though play time and aging seem inversely related as we get older, the importance of it to our health and happiness remains the same.

Here is why having some play time is good for you:

It relieves stress.

You ever wonder why people recommend going to the gym to relieve stress? A little chemical called endorphins is released and actually causes you to feel good. Overriding pain and stress, endorphins are a happy chemical.


That same chemical reaction is released when you’re playing games. That feeling of euphoria when you score a goal, complete a hard level of a video game, or make someone pick up 20 cards in UNO is because of our new found friend – endorphins.

Improve brain function – Hello STEM toys!

Another reason why having some play time is important is because it helps improve your brain function. Activities like Paper Punk are meant for you to have fun and be as creative as you can, but what you may not know, is that you’re actually using your STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematic) skills to do so.

By following the numerical pattern and folding each sheet, you end up creating a 3D geometric piece you didn’t even know was there. (Say hello to dimensional thinking skills and good old fashioned geometry!)

Classics like chess and Monopoly help improve your skills as well, but they may also lose you some friends. Not speaking from experience, of course.

Keep you feeling young and energetic.                         

Lastly, setting aside some time for play helps keep you young. Put down the anti-aging cream and pick up some board games.


We're believers in not only taking time out of your day for play, but also continuing to incorporate it into your everyday lives as you grow older.

In all things, #MakeSomething.

Geometric Shapes at Art Basel 2016

Art Basel happened last weekend and it was epic. For those of you who were thinking, “what the punk is Art Basel?”, it’s basically a massive art fair that hosts the world's premier galleries and their artists. For most artists and art fanatics, Art Basel is the pinnacle of year-round art exhibitions. While the Miami event is the star-studded, fan favorite, the event is also hosted in two other cities: Basel, Switzerland and Hong Kong, China.

Besides the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the key art connoisseurs from all around the world, many artists attend to find inspiration and check out some cool artwork.

Here are some of our favorite (geometric shaped) art pieces or installations from this year’s show that give us inspiration:

Acquavella Galleries hailing from New York City, specializing in Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary art.


#KennethNoland's 1964 painting 'Mach II' via@acquavellagalleries | Galleries 2016

lucianabritogaleria originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil specializing in contemporary art. See some of their most interesting work:


Esther Schipper / Johnen Galerie

This gallery showcased the work of Angela Bulloch, who specializes in sculptures and installations based on architecture and industrial design, with her “pixel boxes” feature. Liam Gillick with his Suspended Collapse plexigals on the right and Matti Braun’s Untitled work on the left.

On the far end of the booth, Ryan Gander’s lightbox The Connectivity Suite (2016) explores the nature of creativity and Martin Honert’s illuminated dormitory room is in the middle of the frame.



 These artists and their work are what inspire us to get up, get out and #MakeSomething. If you’re feeling the same and not exactly sure where to begin, unwind with some Paper Punk and get creative. The #PaperPossibilities are endless!