The Best & Most Creative Paper Toy Creations We Found on the Web

Paper Toys have long been a fascination to the world. Think back to when origami was a big fad. It’s not hard to see how popular paper toys have become, just check the internet. We’ve looked around the web and picked a few of our favorites. 

Old-School Polaroid Camera

How amazing is this old-school camera made out of paper!? This paper toy was created by Anna Trundle of ALTA Papercraft, who combines digital and handcrafted techniques into dimensional illustration.

Paper Fruit

Good enough to eat, am I right?! These juicy fruits make the perfect additions to your play kitchen or grocery stand. They will also make colorful decorations for kid’s rooms.


Architectural Paper Models

This masterpiece was created by an artist named Ingrid Siliakus. Making paper objects, she says, is a meditative process of cutting and folding the paper into different variations. And the result is extraordinary, a testament to what can be done with just one sheet of paper.


Graphic Paper Figures

One of our all time favorite paper toy artists is Shin Tanaka. He has famously taken street art and graffiti aesthetics to paper as his canvas. The geometry and graphic patterns and colors are a huge inspiration to Paper Punk. From first folding origami at the age of four to this collaborations with the likes of culture giants like Nike, Shin has helped fuel the paper toy mania to new heights.

Paper Blocks & Paper Dolls

Of course we can’t forget our very own creations. Our Paper Punk Color + Build Kits! These kits enable users to customize their very own 3D paper creations through folding and coloring. They also elevate the coloring craze with added dimensions, 3D construction, story-telling, and dream making. #MakeSomething


Accessorize Your Space with Paper Punk

Besides the educational value and downright fun Paper Punk provides when constructing your kit, the end result can be both gratifying and visually stunning.

You may be wondering, ok what now? What else can you do with your Paper Punk after you’ve made your masterpiece aside from basking in the afterglow of neural stimulation? What about turning your smart into art by displaying it in your work or living space?

Accessorizing your space with Paper Punk provides a “pop” for any room, dinner table, or office space. Show off your creation at home or work — the family room, bedroom, and office are great spaces to do just that and here’s why.

Family Room:

The family room is usually home to your TV, bookshelf, family portraits and guests. Accessorizing this room with the things you love like your Paper Punk creations will add to the narrative of the room and provide a little insight on you. Not only does Paper Punk provide great abstract art for the room, it also is an awesome activity for all of your guests to join in on the fun and leave a piece of them with you.


Minimalist bedrooms make for the best rooms for Paper Punk to provide a splash of color while still keeping decor to a minimum.

Office Space:

For your office space, don’t be afraid to show off your most creative designs. Be prepared for conversations to ensue around your creations because co-workers will definitely ask about them. We still have up our Punkolantern from Halloween and it’s garnered a lot of interest. Many people put their graphic art piece on their desk or in common areas to share their eye-candy creation.

You’ll find accessorizing your space with Paper Punk as easy as it is to make it!

#MakeSomething and accessorize!