Episode 4 of The Young and The Dressless is LIVE!

Hey PaperPunk fans! If you missed Episode 4, no worries at all, catch it below!

In Episode 4, the scene opens up outside the rock concert attended by both Alex, Brad and their friends.
Alex and Brad leave the concert a little early and plan to go for a quick bite in the city. As soon as the two are spotted, paparazzi go crazy with their cameras, snapping photos of the pair.

Caught by surprise, Alex is taken back by all the flashes and begins to feel very uncomfortable. Of course, Brad realizes this is bad and apologizes on the media’s behalf.

The two hop in Brad’s car, grab a quick bite, and he drops her off at home explaining he would call her later.

The next morning, all hell breaks loose in the Fit’s household. Brad’s parents are outraged by the tabloids which read the two are spotted kissing outside the rock concert, hand in hand and appearing very close.

Brad and his parent’s get into a heated argument, which leaves Brad very annoyed and in a compromising situation with Alex. He just wants his mother and father to be happy for him for once.

What will come of Alex and Brad’s newfound romance? Is it sabotaged for good?

Stay tuned for Episode 5 airing June 23rd to find out! #TheYoungAndTheDressless

An Ode to Origami

This blog is an ode to our paper activity ancestors, Origami.

Did you know Origami is actually one of the world’s oldest forms of both art and craft? Literally meaning, “folding paper”, the act of folding paper into basic shapes and figures dates back to the Edo period (1603 – 1867) in Japan.

Here are some reasons why we think Origami ROCKS:

It's accessible.

Paper. All you need is paper and your two hands, that’s it! Who doesn’t have a piece of paper within an arm’s reach?

It’s beautiful.

With a few simple folds, you can create a stunning origami masterpiece. Create folded geometric feats from a simple piece of paper.

Origami goes beyond a few folds. It’s a great activity for improving your thinking skills and problem solving. Often there are videos like these that teach you how to fold, step by step: Origami Crane (Folding Instructions).

If you’re like us, you’ll give anything a try and then do it your own way. However, frustrating the learning process may be at times, you are actually improving your problem-solving skills even when your bird ends up looking like a dog. 

If you’re looking for an accessible craft that helps build your design intuition, try origami.

If you’re looking to add a little more STEM to your activities, try adding a little Paper Punk in the mix. Paper Punk is the best of both worlds, LEGO + Origami. 


June 13, 2017 by Grace Hawthorne

The Best & Most Creative Paper Toy Creations We Found on the Web

Paper Toys have long been a fascination to the world. Think back to when origami was a big fad. It’s not hard to see how popular paper toys have become, just check the internet. We’ve looked around the web and picked a few of our favorites. 

Old-School Polaroid Camera

How amazing is this old-school camera made out of paper!? This paper toy was created by Anna Trundle of ALTA Papercraft, who combines digital and handcrafted techniques into dimensional illustration.

Paper Fruit

Good enough to eat, am I right?! These juicy fruits make the perfect additions to your play kitchen or grocery stand. They will also make colorful decorations for kid’s rooms.


Architectural Paper Models

This masterpiece was created by an artist named Ingrid Siliakus. Making paper objects, she says, is a meditative process of cutting and folding the paper into different variations. And the result is extraordinary, a testament to what can be done with just one sheet of paper.


Graphic Paper Figures

One of our all time favorite paper toy artists is Shin Tanaka. He has famously taken street art and graffiti aesthetics to paper as his canvas. The geometry and graphic patterns and colors are a huge inspiration to Paper Punk. From first folding origami at the age of four to this collaborations with the likes of culture giants like Nike, Shin has helped fuel the paper toy mania to new heights.

Paper Blocks & Paper Dolls

Of course we can’t forget our very own creations. Our Paper Punk Color + Build Kits! These kits enable users to customize their very own 3D paper creations through folding and coloring. They also elevate the coloring craze with added dimensions, 3D construction, story-telling, and dream making. #MakeSomething


“Creating the perfect set for your Paper Punk creative” (Art supplies & Accessories)

Creating a set for your Paper Punk is all about storytelling. What story are you trying to tell? What story do you want your creation to be a part of? Everyday supplies like an exacto knife, glue, and tape are essential to creating and designing crafts, but we’d like to highlight a couple that we use to help us turn our imagination into a reality…


Construction paper

You first encounter it in primary school and ditch it in high school, but construction paper is our best friend and it should be yours too. Whether we’re creating a night scene or a beach scene, construction paper is always our best bet to set the tone and help create the right visual. It’s easy to use, colorful, and an oldie but a goodie.

Sticky dots

Sticky dots come in each of your paper punk kits and we provide you with it for a reason, it’s stress free! Unlike glue or tape, you don’t have to commit to forever when using the dots. We prefer using sticky dots to build our sets/scenes too because it also provides a cleaner look. Scotch tape is also a good alternative if you can’t find sticky dots when building a set.

Let there be LIGHT!

Finding the proper lighting while making and showing off your final creation makes all the difference. Find a space that is sufficiently lit where it’s not too dark or too bright making it hard to see the details of your craft. The same rule goes for taking a picture of your work.

(From left to right: Too dark – need more lighting, perfect lighting, and too bright – need less light.)

Real life backdrops

Finally, who could forget the real-life backdrops all around us. Whether it be displaying your eye-candy Paper Punk creation on a minimalist mantel, or taking a photo of your Paper Punk friend out in nature, sometimes the best sets are already made.

Much like taking the perfect selfie, creating the perfect set to show off your Paper Punk can sometimes be a little difficult. Hopefully our favorites become yours and your crafting experience is all the more better.


December 08, 2016 by Grace Hawthorne