Paper Punk Introduces, The Young and The Dressless

We are so excited to announce the fun and creative soap opera that is, The Young and the Dressless. The soap will air on Paper Punk social channels bi-weekly, twice a month, and run through until mid September.

We tell the story of The Young and the Dressless all while using the Color + Build Fashion Designer kits as well as some aspects of other kits. We use the paper toy as a fun and creative way to tell a story about a young girl going after her dreams.

Without giving too much away, here’s a sneak peak of what the story entails.

Meet the stars of the show, Alexandra Zang and Brad Fitt.

Alexandra Zang is a 20-something year old who moves from her small town to New York City. She studied fashion design in college and is currently designing her own clothing line to showcase at various fashion shows. Her dream is to attend New York Fashion Week in September as a new designer.

Brad Fitt is a famous Rockstar. He is the lead singer of the Rolling Bones, which is a popular rock band who plays at shows across North America. He and his band have a big summer tour coming up!

The Young and the Dressless is a story about persevering against all odds and going after your dreams, no matter how big they may seem. It’s about romance, friendship, and all of the hardships along the way. Stay with us throughout the summer to watch how all the drama unfolds!

If you haven’t had the chance to watch, catch up now by watching the first two episodes below! Stay tuned for Episode 3 airing May 26th. #TheYoungAndTheDressless #MakeSomething

Episode 1: 

Alexandra packs her designs and sketches and prepares to leave her loving parents and small town behind. She says goodbye and takes off to the airport for her flight to the Big Apple.

Episode 2: 

Alexandra is now living in NYC, continuing her sketches and designs. Her good friend Emma, who lives in the city, comes over and offers to take Alex out to a local rock concert. While standing in line outside the concert, Emma notices the star of the popular rock band Brad Fitt from The Rolling Bones, in line with his buddy Fabio, another member of the group. Alexandra takes interest in him from afar. The rest is to be continued…

May 23, 2017 by Grace Hawthorne
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