I want to share an email that we received last week….it absolutely made my day!

Hello Grace and team,

My name is Jenn St.Clair and I am one of your proud initial founders. I’ve already utilized my 6 punks for fun and learning and gifts and I need MORE! I’ve used the pup and the bot to teach geometry lessons on surface area to high-schoolers, and they were a huge hit!…Thanks for the great product. You have done some amazing work and I look forward to continued creativity with paper punks!

This is a glimmer of promise fulfilled for the educational facet of Paper Punk. There are so many benefits to PLAYING with and MAKING shapes into customizable creations….fine motor skills, spatial-dimensional thinking, engineering, geometry, balance/proportion, resourcefulness, self-expression, etc. One of my many dreams for Paper Punk is to donate product to underfunded arts programs in public schools so our newest generations can foster and retain a connection with our physical world with hands-on learning experiences that are ARTFUL and FUN.

Does this get your wheels turning like it does for me?

February 05, 2012 by grace
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