TEDactive T-4 countdown

Under the gun and getting ready for the PAPER-PUNK-A-THON at this year’s TEDactive conference in Palm Springs. We’re setting up a spectacular buffet of Paper Punk shapes for participants to activate into “expressions of a word”. The expressions of a word activity is something I regularly run in the Creative Gym class I teach at Stanford’s d.school where students express a given word only using circles, squares, and triangles drawn on a piece of paper. But at TEDactive, instead of drawn lines/circles/squares/triangles, participants will use paper blocks they construct and customize to express a given word. Whoa…right? I cannot wait to see the outcome. The constraint of the 3D paper blocks will indoctrinate this activity into another stratosphere! To inspire the potential of using paper blocks, I’m installing a few large panels to kick things off. Below is a small glimpse (without giving anything away) of what attendees will be seeing.

February 01, 2013 by grace
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